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best payroll software in malaysia

What is the best Payroll Software for small businesses in Malaysia?

best payroll software in malaysia

Being a small business owner in Malaysia is hard work. As an entrepreneur, you have to dive into diverse aspects of business to keep your company running smoothly. And most times, you are happy to do so. But payroll is something that you can delegate or better yet, get a payroll software, so that your time can be better spent in doing something more productive for your business. So, if you have to choose, what is the best payroll software for small businesses in Malaysia?

As an online payroll and HR company, we can not brazenly claim to be the best Malaysia has to offer. So here’s how you can decide what is the best payroll software for small businesses in Malaysia:

Ease of Use

The PayrollNinja system is easy to use. It is a system designed by employees for employees, so we have focused on the user interface and experience a lot. This way, we have simplified the way you navigate throughout the system. 

It’s super easy to jump into different modules or features. The display is uncluttered and simple. Buttons are clearly labeled. All you would need to surf through a particular module are present within a few clicks for a productive output.


Our system has a great list of features like Employee Self Service (ESS), Employee basic salary management with history revision, payroll lock, access to standard reports & complete government statutory reports. And a lot more. 

Did you know employers, who fail to register or contribute to SOSCO, may be prosecuted and shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years, or with a fine not exceeding ten thousand ringgit, or both? (Source: Perkeso website)

We make sure you are in compliance with Malaysian government agencies, such as EPF, SOSCO, EIS, LHDN and HRDF. 

Your data is super secure with us, and our system is always accessible from any device, any time, from anywhere. As long as you have a Wi-Fi connection. 

How’s that not enough to make PayrollNinja the best payroll software in Malaysia!

HR Capabilities

As mentioned in the features above, your employees will have their own personal logins to access their ESS (Employee Self Service) to view their respective pay slips. The ESS access will also allow them to apply for leaves and submit claims.

We also offer document storage capabilities where you can upload each employee related document and access it anytime needed. 

And there’s also the unique capability to switch accounts between multiple company accounts with single login.

You can find more features and HR capabilities of PayrollNinja right here.

Now, over to you

PayrollNinja helps startups and SME companies manage payroll & HR related tasks more efficiently. You can reduce your workload up to 80% with our system because employee salary will be auto calculated based on default settings every month. You only need to re-compute employees with amendments. Find more benefits of our system here

So what is the best payroll software for small businesses in Malaysia? If you still can’t decide, try PayrollNinja for FREE today!
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