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Our Product

The PayrollNinja software helps startups and SME companies manage payroll & HR related tasks more easily and efficiently.

Here’s a complete list of features of the PayrollNinja software:


Manage employee personal details in simple yet efficient manner.


Employee job related details can be be configured here.


Employee basic salary management with history revision.


Employee information management for maximum tax rebate.

Payitem (Adhoc/Recurring)

Set allowance and deduction payitem as adhoc and recurring.


Employee monthly salary processing approximately within 3 seconds.

Payroll Lock

Avoid accidentally overwrite previous month data situation.


Simple and user friendly employee payslip. Easy to understand.


Assign module and site/department for relevant employee.


Display complete overview details of employee.


Access to standard reports & complete government statutory reports.


Configure the system settings as per your company needs.

Leave Management

Manage employee leaves
(AL, SL, ABS, USL, NPL & Others)


Display payroll costing and aprroval/reject of leave and claim.

Mobile App

Use our app for check-in/check-out facial recognition, view roster, and more.

Single Sign On (Switch account)

Manage multiple accounts (subsidiary companies) with single sign-on, where you can switch between accounts, making it easier for you to manage multiple accounts.

Bulk Attendance Import

Our import tool helps you add employee attendance data from exported csv, txt or Excel file from client fingerprint device into our system with a preset template.

Employee salary will be auto calculate based on default settings every month. You only need to re-compute employees with amendments.
Each company rules are different, we give you the freedom to set your own rules and it’s super simple even for payroll officer.
Our system are safe, secure and robust. Thanks to our partner Amazon, we’ve world class architecture standard.
We’re very much affordable compare to our competitors and we will never compromise the quality. We’re indeed time saving too.
Let us take care government policy and regulations update. We got all covered for your peace of mind.
Your employee can apply leave, submit claim, view own payslips and even clock in attendance at their convenient.
We guarantee that our system can be accessed anytime and from anywhere around the globe with good internet connectivity.
Do you need to find information instantly? Our system definitely can do that.
System improvisation and excellent support always comes together with any system subscription plan. We got you covered.

Explore Premium Features

Letter Generation

You can create any letter template, and generate personalized letters for your employees. Standard templates include appointment letter, confirmation letter, salary increment letter, and bonus letter.

Document Storage

Maintain your records on the cloud with PayrollNinja, rather than keeping paper files. It saves time and money, plus it’s easier to use and maintain. Additionally, you can enjoy simpler document management with greater document security.

Loan Management

Your HR can set loan amount and repayment method/amount from the PayrollNinja system, accordingly, the system will deduct on a monthly basis.

Claim Management

Your employees can take a snap of receipt(s), key in their details, and send as claim. Upon submission, HR can approve or reject accordingly. Once approved, it will become adhoc payitem.

Memo Management

Keep your memos regarding current company policies using the memo management system in the PN system. Use memos to notify your employees about their paychecks, as well as other important information with a single click.

Employee Tracking

The PN system shows the locations of your employees at their respective workplaces. Track your employees whose work requires them to travel often, or work from home. It uses geo-location features to track your employee’s whereabouts.

More Exciting Features coming soon!

Upgraded UI
PN biometric fingerprint device
and more!!


Yes, you will get 2 months free with a yearly plan! You will get access to all the features of PayrollNinja. And you can add the bundle addons as per your needs. 

Click on the “Subscribe” button to get started with a 30-day trial. And simply, follow the instructions.

Please email us at support@payrollninja.pro. We will cancel your account and send you a confirmation within 24 hours.

You will have access to email support. Additionally, you can get expert advice on PayrollNinja in our Knowledge Base.

PayrollNinja offers special pricing for eligible startups. If you work for a startup and would like to determine your eligibility, write to us at support@payrollninja.pro.

Unload your monthly payroll and HR worries
with PayrollNinja