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How to Improve Employee Performance with PayrollNinja

How to Improve Employee Performance with PayrollNinja

How to Improve Employee Performance with PayrollNinja
How to Improve Employee Performance with PayrollNinja

PayrollNinja is a great cloud system to take care of payroll and HR needs at your organisation in Malaysia. Our premium features like Memo Management, Claim Management, Loan Management, and more, are especially designed to improve employee performance of your workforce. Here’s how you can use PayrollNinja to boost the productivity and profitability of your business in Malaysia..

Our System Eliminates Errors and Complies with the Malaysian Laws

We ensure that payroll is accurate and complies with all the current Malaysian laws so that your employees are paid on time every month without any delay. Such timely compensations make your employees realise how their employer (you) appreciate their services.

Our Bulk Attendance Import takes care of time-ins and time-out so that payroll and all its associated processes, including tax and contributions, are filed accurately. This way you can enable the payouts to reach your employees on the desired dates in the right bank accounts.

You can check out PayrollNinja features to see how each feature has been designed to help you grow your business while keeping your workforce happy.

PayrollNinja Mobile App is the ESS for your Business

Our mobile app is the ESS – employee self-service – portal for your workforce. With this, your employees can access their respective dashboards anytime on the platform. You (as the owner/HOD) can configure the settings as per your business needs in the platform. And our help is just a click away at support@payrollninja.pro.

The app can be used by your employees to check-in/check-out, view roster, payslip, EA form, apply leaves, submit claims, and more. Your employees are provided a secure channel to access their sensitive information. This way, your workforce can focus more on their work, thus improving their overall productivity at work.

The PN System Helps You Find (and Retain) the Right Talent

When you onboard an employee, you enter the their personal, job, family, access privileges, and more details in the system. So you have all the information about a particular employee in one single platform. Like, employee milestones, educational background, skillset, learnings, top achievements, etc.

These digital records allow you to groom your workforce more effectively. You can facilitate skill development, training and improve overall competency levels of your employees by accessing our system.

We are living and working In the era of the Great Resignation in the post-pandemic world. So take care of your employees – facilitating their growth is essential to discourage your employees from joining the said movement.

Focusing on the growth of your current employees is so much cost-effective than searching, finding, and onboarding new ones. So why not use the PN system to boost your workforce?!

Now, over to you..

So here were the different ways you can use to improve employee performance with PayrollNinja. We have designed the cloud system to cater to your business needs without compromising the quality of your workforce.

Have a look at the features of the PayrollNinja System now.

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