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why your business should invest in a payroll software system

Why Your Business Should Invest in a Payroll Software System

As a business owner in Malaysia, you know it’s important to track all business finances, instead of focusing on purchases and sales only. You can achieve great success and growth with a reliable payroll system. However, keeping track of payroll is time-consuming and prone to human errors. So here’s why your business should invest in a payroll software system..

Boost Productivity

A payroll software system like PayrollNinja can track the number of leaves taken by an employee in a month and the total number of leaves available for the year. It can work with other systems to track your employees’ check-in and check-out times as well. Additionally, you can track your employees’ whereabouts using geo-location features in real-time. 

With the above data from our detailed log reporting, you can calculate an employee’s productivity based on their position, and compare the same against productivity goals you’ve set for that employee.

Save Time

Your employee can apply leave, submit a claim, view their own payslips, and even clock in attendance at their convenience. This improves the database’s accuracy and reduces the likelihood of data entry errors.

At PayrollNinja, we also offer a mobile app for your employees to view their personal information. Furthermore, high-level employees can easily switch between different company accounts using single sign-on (SSO). This means your admin can save time logging and logging out of different accounts, and instead focus more on other aspects of the company that require manual support and intervention.

Save Money

Payroll software systems usually come integrated with HR features, which is one of the main reasons why your business should invest in a payroll software system. So instead of having multiple software or manual systems to look up employee statistics, paperwork, etc. you can save money by investing in a single payroll management system. This removes the burden of repetitive HR tasks, thus reducing the overall costs at your company.

At PayrollNinja, we offer different features like a single dashboard (showing approval and graphical statistics), leave management, employee statistics, letter generation, claim management, and more, to enable your HR staff to focus on their core skills and improve productivity.

Reduce Stress

When compared to a manual payroll system, a payroll software system is a much safer option for businesses anywhere in the world. Since such systems are usually online and set up to fit your business needs with specific built-in functions configured for your business, you can rest assured that there can be no more errors in your payroll and HR management. This is another reason why your business should invest in a payroll software system.

At PayrollNinja, we are in compliance with Malaysian government agencies, such as EPF, SOSCO, EIS, LHDN and HRDF. Our payroll system is up to date on laws, calculating taxes, and processing payroll on-time. We ensure there is less probability of the government or other organizations imposing tax fines – yet another reason why your business should invest in a payroll software system like PayrollNinja.

In Conclusion

Payroll software systems (like PayrollNinja) help businesses lower the pressure of administrative work, and make your business processes more smooth and streamlined. We help you focus on your business, rather than doing repetitive administration tasks over and over again, every month. From taxes to employee benefits, and everything in between, PayrollNinja ensures affordable solutions and accurate reporting. The interface is easy to use, and the support team is just a click away.

So why not give PayrollNinja a try today!

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