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How to Choose a Payroll Software System 2023

How to Choose a Payroll Software System 2023

How to Choose a Payroll Software System 2023
How to Choose a Payroll Software System

Choosing the right payroll software for your business is tough. What is it that makes a payroll software right for you and your organisation? What are the features you should be looking at when you have to choose a payroll software system? These are some of the questions we will be dealing with in this article.

What is a good payroll software?

Payroll is a difficult and cumbersome task for the employer and employees. A good payroll software should offer the following features:

  • Automatic calculation of wages and taxes
  • Integration with time tracking software
  • Employee self-service, so they can view their pay stubs and manage their benefits online
  • Report generation on employee hours, wages, and taxes paid

Have a look at the PayrollNinja system features how we offer all the above features and more!

Checklist to Choose a Payroll Software System:


The software should be easy to learn and use. The navigation offered in the interface should make it easy for you to find the information you are looking for.

Additionally, the payroll software that you chose should be able to easily integrate within your network. It should be compatible with the other software that your company uses. This software should integrate seamlessly with your time and attendance software so that employee hours can be easily tracked.

At PayrollNinja, our import tool helps you add employee attendance data from exported csv, txt or Excel file from client fingerprint device into our system with a preset template.


The payroll system should be ready and easy to configure as per the the specific needs of your business. If you have to purchase additional software to support the payroll system, it means the software is not flexible enough.

Here’s a list of features that should be ready for you to configure as per your business needs:

  • Employee information: Company name, address, contact details etc.
  • Tax settings: Which tax rates to use and how to apply them.
  • Payroll frequencies: How often employees are paid (weekly, monthly etc.).
  • Payment methods: Choose the desired payment method for each employee.
  • Pay periods: Define the start and end dates for each pay period.
  • Overtime settings: Apply overtime rates and rules as needed.
  • Custom reports: Create the specific reports you require, based on your data.

PayrollNinja allows you to configure the above-mentioned settings, and more.


The reason you are looking for a payroll software is because you want to avoid mistakes and fines. And of course, save time and money. So the right payroll software should be able to:

  • Handle all of your data with accuracy and security
  • Be dependable and very rarely crash
  • Have a quick and easy backup process
  • Provide customer support when needed

And the best way to check this is by grabbing the trial offers that are offered by almost all payroll solutions on the market these days.

PayrollNinja is in compliance with EIS, HRDF, Perkeso, LHDN, KWSP EPF – claim a free trial of PayrollNinja now!

Reporting Capabilities

The HRs and payroll professionals at your company will be using the software to handle, maintain, and automate the employees’ payment process. It will make sure your employees are paid on time and you don’t have to pay any fines. Additionally, your HR team can also use the software to boost the overall productivity of your workforce.

You can do all this and more with the reporting capabilities offered by the right payroll software. You should be able to receive detailed reports on employee earnings, deductions, taxes, total payroll expenses and more.

Additionally, your chosen payroll software should allow you to generate custom reports like:

  • Employee earnings by department or job title
  • Overtime and vacation hours accrued
  • Wage and tax history for individual employees or groups of employees
  • Monthly or yearly budget comparisons against actual payroll expenses

Now, over to you..

A good payroll software should help you manage payroll & HR related tasks more easily and efficiently. And to choose the right one for you, ask for a free trial.

We insist on providing the best experience with PayrollNinja, so we offer a free trial – no strings attached.

And PayrollNinja also offers special pricing for eligible startups. If you work for a startup and would like to determine your eligibility, write to us at support@payrollninja.pro.

Make use of the free trial period before making a purchase. And this will allow you to make sure that the software is a good fit for your needs.

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