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Payroll Outsourcing You Can Trust

As your payroll outsourcing partner,  let us navigate your payroll complexities and compliance, while you focus more on your business.

PayrollNinja will take care of end-to-end payroll processing for you. Our payroll outsourcing services give you peace of mind that you’re in expert hands.

Designed to Support Small Businesses & Startups in Malaysia

Is payroll outsourcing right for you?

You need payroll outsourcing services from PayrollNinja to

Lower Costs

Payroll outsourcing with PayrollNinja as your trusted partner means you don't need a separate payroll department in your company. Thus, saving you the cost, time and effort to hire someone for payroll.

Beat the Competition

With PayrollNinja as your payroll outsourcing partner, you can free up your time, money and brain power to work on business strategy and improve productivity. Thus, getting ahead of the competition.

Reduce Stress

As your trusted payroll outsourcing partner, PayrollNinja will keep you up to date and compliant with ever-changing legislation in Malaysia. This will protect you from unnecessary fines and related stress.

PayrollNinja takes away your headaches for payroll processing and ensures you have the best of experience handling your process.

Why Choose PayrollNinja
as your Payroll Outsourcing Partner

We deliver all services related to the payroll administration.
We provide payroll outsourcing services in Malaysia across all industry sectors.
With options computing variable pay, complex pay structures, multiple salary revisions, and support most bank formats.

PayrollNinja software is fully automated with 100% accuracy and error-free payroll process, thus reducing human errors and prevent company losses.

We make sure your sensitive and confidential data and information is in safe hands.
PayrollNinja manages your payroll to ensure your employees are paid accurately each month, securely, and on time.

Get rid of processes like onboarding, reporting, till off-boarding when hiring someone, and become burden free to focus on your actual business.

Avoid recruitment/hiring costs like salary, allowance, statutory leaves and bonuses, while saving on office space and computer purchase costs.

PayrollNinja is in fully compliance with EIS, HRDF, PERKESO, LHDN, and EPF.
Our experts are ready to answers your questions and support you with your experiences with PayrollNinja.

Interested in Outsourcing your payroll?

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